Sealable textile hose protection

Skupina produktů 505
Materiál Polyamid/PU
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Číslo položky Plochý průměr (mm) Průměr kruhu (mm)
55267050 78 50
55267100 157 100
55267150 235 150
55267200 314 200
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Sealable hose protection is the ideal solution when you have a need to protect several hoses. The heavy velcro lock makes it possible to protect the hoses that are already assembled. The protection is made of fiberglass coated silicone, which makes it capable to handle environments with  temperatures up to 200° C.

Skupina produktů 505
Materiál Polyamid/PU
Maximální teplota (°C) 180
Minimální teplota (°C) -40
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